Apoka safari lodge

Apoka safari lodge is located in Kidepo valley national park which is Uganda’s most remote but magnificent park and the lodge is the only high-end lodge found inside Kidepo valley national park strategically looking the Narus River valley within the distant Kidepo wilderness whereby you can enjoy the endless views of the savannah. Apoka safari lodge has large and spacious rooms that are built with comfort and handmade by the local craftsmen, the lodge has 10 rooms with natural canvas walls surrounded by a rocky kopje with endless views across the savannah with inside luxurious sitting rooms and private verandahs where you can relax, read and sprawl.

Apoka safari lodge contains rooms provided with mosquito nets, extra plush towels, hand-woven carpets, over-sized dressing gowns and soft duvets for all your comfort. The lodge offers incredible facilities in all rooms starting from en-suite bathroom with double sinks, a huge tropical shower and steeping outside a sheltered terrace; is your own stone bathtub big enough to fit the whole family.

Apoka safari lodge has got a deep and cool swimming pool that has been carved out of the big rock and while here you feel the whole world over you because it makes you splash and yell feeling like a kid again. The lodge also has a restaurant that provides excellent and delicious meals prepared by the best chefs but all meals are prior to booking since the lodge is in a remote dry region where food and water supply are limited. The bar is also fully equipped with different kinds of wines, spirits and beers and also soft drinks are available.

Activities near and around Apoka safari lodge

  • Hiking and nature walks
  • Game drives
  • Visit to the IK people
  • Birding
  • Visit the Karamojong People (Manyatta)