Kabalega Wilderness Lodge

Kabalega Wilderness Lodge is a luxury safari camp located at the out skirts of Murchision Falls National Park in the northwestern park of Uganda. The lodge comprises of individual safari cabins spread throughout 7 acres of bustling bushes on the banks of the streaming waters of the mighty River Nile. Kabalega Wilderness Lodge derives its name from Omukama (King) Chwa II Kabalega who was the ruler of Bunyoro in Uganda from 1870 to 1899 and is considered the greatest King in the history of Uganda. The Bunyoro Kingdom is the home of Murchison Falls National Park; our lodge is a tribute to this great King and the people and culture of Bunyoro.

The lodge provides mastery built accommodation with well-furnished self-contained rooms, flushing toilets, entangled in the bush cabins command scenic views of the river Nile and spectacular landscapes of the park. Each of the private cabins are designed to ensure that you experience luxury and comfort while immersed in the haunting wild and natural beauty of this enchanting landscape. All the lodge structures are made from an architectural balance of mud and wood and the roof is thatched with handpicked grass from the rolling plains of the neighboring villages and the walls are plastered African style with mud and wattle with a contemporary twist. The lodge is tastefully decorated with rustic safari furnishings and fixtures handcrafted from carefully selected local and natural materials.

The Single Safari Cabin is designed to give you your own little enclave of paradise; it is both near to, and slightly remote, from the shared areas to enable true solitude but not lonesomeness. It is fitted with a private timber decked balcony with comfortable loungers so that you may enjoy uninterrupted view of the tropical sun rays bouncing off the glistening surface of the majestic River Nile. The bathroom has a wash basin, enclosed toilet and bath tub.

The Deluxe Safari Cabins are wrapped by the surrounding bush and are delightfully poised to provide you with a spectacular view of the African sunset and River Nile. The Deluxe Safari Cabins are featured an open plan private en-suite facilities complete with his-and-hers basins, river view bath, enclosed toilet and walk-in rain shower. These cabins are furnished with either a double or two single beds, and a dramatic mix of furniture and styles. They have their own private deck where you can relax in comfortable lounger chairs after a long day of safari driving.

The cabins and dinning all feature an open design to offer you a feeling of oneness with nature and breathtaking uninterrupted views of the magnificent and wild surroundings ensuring that your unique safari experience continues even when at the lodge. On the site restaurant offers extensive services with continental meals being served and a well-stocked bar that offers variety of drinks to choose from hard soft drinks alike. To compliment your wilderness experience, a camp fire is always set up in the evenings where you can relax and watch the stars.

Please note that because Kabalega Wilderness Lodge is in the Murchison Falls Conservation Area, there is a high likelihood of wildlife like monkeys, baboons and lots of birds. Kabalega wilderness lodge has affordable prices for the best stay and enjoyment for travelers African safari to Murchison falls national park.