Enganzi Lodge

Enganzi lodge: is a mid-range accommodation and a captivating haven nestled on the hill bordering Queen Elizabeth National Park. The lodge has excellent property with the phenomenal views of East Africa’s famous national park “Queen Elizabeth National Park”. The lodge has gigantic suites with well-furnished resting areas and modern lodging facilities. Enganzi lodge is pleasant wit very spacious public areas and cottages arranged in a downhill style which provides a panoramic view of the vast savannah grassland plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The rooms are well equipped with comfortable beds, modern showers, bathtubs and eco-friendly flashing toilets. The lodge is fully supplied with hydropower in all rooms and the showers and both tubs have clean hot and cold water to make your bath a soothing one. Enganzi lodge cottages have a number of wide windows that ensure quality aeration plus a quality view over the amazing savannah grassland plains with a lot of scattered trees. Enganzi lodge cottages are traditionally thatched with dry banana leaves to keep the room temperature moderate all the time. The balcony from your cottage has French doors opening up to your own deck looking over the eastern rift valley. You can view the birds tweet in the morning elephants and the sunset is a relaxing one as viewed from your resting area inside your room. Since Enganzi lodge is situated on a downslope hillside, there is a staircase you have to walk to your room. It is liked by many guests since they say it is part of the workout that helps them to stretch their legs after the long day of sitting in the tour vehicles. However there are people to help you out with your bags up to your room. The lodge is a hidden gem neighboring other facilities like Katara lodge and this makes you stay in a community of people with the same reason of tourism.


The lodge offers services and facilities which include a restaurant that serves delicious meals prepared by well trained staff. You can enjoy your meal in the dining room or upper deck; enjoying the beauty that Africa has to offer. The lodge has also got a well-stocked bar with both hard and soft drinks. While at the Enganzi lodge, you can enjoy nature walks, game viewing, bird watching and the location offers a breath taking advantage or sightseeing, community tours, visit Bunyaruguro crater lake, tour Kasyoha Kitomi forest reserve.

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