1 Day Kampala City Tour

This 1 Day Kampala City Tour : takes you to Uganda’s national and commercial capital city mostly known as the city of seven hills. Historically, these hills used to graze Impalas and from here the name Kampala was derived. Kampala enjoys the reputation of a modern city with a buzzing atmosphere and also serves a good base point for exploring and enjoying the surrounding area.

Kampala generally has plenty of things to do which include; touring the Uganda museum. The place has also got heritage Centre’s like the kabaka’s palace, Kasubi tombs, Kabaka’s lake. Furthermore the local foods and yummy Rolex should not miss out on your menu.

Wonderfully made religious centers, the Rubaga and Namirembe cathedrals, the Gaddafi mosque and Bahai temple. Above all, the different cultures of more than 49 ethnic groups we have in Uganda that can be experienced at Ndere troupe Centre.


  • Visiting the Uganda Historical suites.
  • Visiting Religious sites.
  • Visiting the common markets in town.

Detailed Itinerary

You will have an early breakfast and then our tour guide from Great Nest Image Safaris will pick you up from your accommodation. Together with the guide, you will later set off for your Kampala city tour. You will drive through the usually thick traffic to the heart of Kampala city, “the African City that never sleeps.”

The Central Business District

Kampala City’s central business area has the uptown side, comprised of upper class shopping malls. Located in this part of the city are insurance companies, major forex bureaus, Casinos, five-star hotels etc. On the other hand, down town Kampala is dominated by average income earners.

It is quite busy, chaotic and congested with cheaper  restaurants, guest houses and generally dusty roads. It is here that you will also find the famous  “Owino” Market, once the largest second (2nd) hand clothing market in Africa. 

Historical Gaddafi -Old Kampala Mosque

A city tour in Kampala is only complete with a visit to the National Mosque famously known as Gaddafi Mosque. While here, you will a walk up the tower for the best views of the City. Here, we provide a Haven of Faith based tourism in Uganda thus discovering the Roots of Islam in Uganda. Our faith based tours begin from the Gaddafi National Mosque where we do offer tours to the Mosque and up the Minaret. While here, you are able to view Kampala City’s 7 Hills at an Angle of 360 degrees.

Kabaka’s Palace-Buganda Parliament

The Kabakas (kings) of Buganda have a ceremonial palace in which a new modern house “Tweekobe” was built. It is in this palace that Kabaka Muteesa II was attacked by Idi Amin`s soldiers in 1966. As a result, he flee to exile in Great Britain from where he later died of poisoning. Situated on a hill overlooking Kampala, the Tweekobe is enclosed in a concrete ring fence encircling approximately one thousand acres.

Still in existence on this palace are the torture chambers. At this point, Uganda’s former president Idi Amin used to torture his political enemies. With the human bones on display therein, these chambers serve as a living memory to those who lost loved ones during Amin’s horrifying reign. Located at the gate of the Tweekobe is a traditional fire place that has never burnt out since the inception of Buganda Kingdom. As a matter of fact, it shall never stop burning unless a king is dead.

All Baganda Clans and their respective role in this Kingdom since time immemorial are represented here. However, all will be narrated to you by a royalist permanently stationed at this fire place. Located exactly one mile away, but directly facing the Tweekobe gate is the Bulange. This is Buganda’s parliament in which the Kabaka and his ministers have since time immemorial sat to deliberate upon issues critical to the continued existence of Buganda Kingdom. More so, the architectural design of the Bulange has proven a spectacular spectacle to many local and international visitors.

The Kabaka`s Lake

The Kabaka’s lake is reputed to be the largest man-made lake in Africa. It was constructed during Kabaka Mwanga’s reign. Although it was meant to connect to Lake Victoria as an emergency escape route for the Kabaka, it was not finished according to the plan. As of today, it only remained as a royal lake near the palace. The lake is home to a variety of birds, and serves as a fishing and leisure ground to people of all tribes.

Kasubi Tombs

This UNESCO-certified world heritage site was unfortunately inexplicably burnt down in 2010. However, it is still in the process of restorative construction although nearing completion. It was the largest grass-thatched structure in the world. Additionally, it is a burial place to several fallen Kings of Buganda Kingdom.

Makerere University, “the Harvard of Africa”

This University is one of the most prestigious multinational Universities in Africa. In addition, it has a rich history and lots of globally acclaimed professors who have taught here. These include; Prof. Ali Mazurui, Prof. Paul Theroux, and Prof. Ngugi w’a Thiongo. It is usually referred to as the “the Harvard of Africa”, by its students. Makerere University’s old colonial structures are fused with new contemporary ones that makes it a great tour destination worthy visiting while in Uganda.

Namirembe Cathedral

Once in Ugandamake sure to visit this picturesque dome that was originally built in 1903. It was built by Buganda Kingdom craftsmen as a large grass thatched cathedral that was burnt down. It was later  replaced by the present dome structure.  Located on the scenic Namirembe Hill with a scintillating 360 degrees view of Kampala City, this imposing Church is part of the Anglican Church of Uganda.

Rubaga Catholic Cathedral

It is the oldest Catholic Church cathedrals in Uganda. Like Namirembe Cathedral, Rubaga Cathedral is located on a scenic Rubaga Hill and overlooks Kampala city. Furthermore, it is a large complex structure that hosts various Catholic Church functions in Uganda, and is surrounded by beautiful trees plus flowers.

The Baha’i Temple

This being the mother Baha’i Temple in Africa, makes Uganda a prime safari destination. It is located on Kikaaya hill which also overlooks Kampala City and neighboring areas. The Temple has a beautiful park-like ground with lots of beautiful trees. Most of them are fruit-tree species as well as flowers and a green-carpet like grass. In addition, it has clean and clearly gazetted paths leading to the temple dome.

The Temple’s Park attracts many people who sit on the grass and have a peaceful moment. People hold picnics, not forgetting couples in love who flock this place to spend quality time together.

Namugongo Martyr’s Shrine

This is a globally revered memorial site from where over twenty-two young Catholic converts were burnt to ashes. They rebelled against Kabaka Mwanga when he ordered them to abandon their newly-found catholic faith but in vain. Further, every 3rd June, the Catholic church and their counterpart the Anglican church hold prayers at this place.

The place is flocked by hundreds of thousands of pilgrims who trek in from all corners of world. However, most of them foot, to commemorate this martyrs’ day in honor of their slain religious heroes. This shrine is believed to have formed by divine/miraculous power from which believers draw holy water. It is believed that the water causes divine healing once used. After checking out these places, you will have lunch en-route as the tour progresses upon your request.

Uganda Museum

The Uganda Museum is located in Kampala, and it is the oldest Museum in East Africa. Additionally, displays and exhibits ethnological natural, historical and traditional life collections of Uganda’s cultural heritage. It was founded in 1908, after Governor George Wilson called for “all articles of interest” on Uganda to be procured.

Ndere Cultural Center

Later you will return to your hotel to freshen up and later in the evening  head to the Ndere Cultural Center. You will enjoy the dance entertainment which symbolizes universal unity of all peoples of the world.

The flute is like the blood that flows in our bodies no matter our external difference. The Ndere Centre is also a home to cultural information and the rare architecture is a seamless combination of artistic creativity with simplicity. This takes African forms, materials, colours and construction to unprecedented heights.

                                                        End of  Kampala city tour


  • A professional driver/guide
  • Transportation including fuel
  • All activities (included in the itinerary)
  • All Taxes/VAT
  • Round trip transfer
  • Bottled drinking water
  • Entry fees


  • International flights
  • Personal items
  • Meals
  • Tips


Standard 4X4 Safari Vehicles

Our standard mode of transport is by road and we use 4×4 Safari vehicles. Each Safari vehicle comes with a professionally trained driver/guide with fuel for the whole safari. We also have very comfortable super customs which can carry up 6 people with their luggage, we also have small vehicles like Alphads, Harrier and much more that can carry 4-5 people.

Feel free to contact us any time and book this 1 Day Kampala City Tour. We are here to answer any questions you may have on any of our services/tours, we are just a phone call or few clicks away, send us an email today …we look forward to hearing from you.

Requirements for your trip

  • Rain jacket incase of weather change.
  • Binoculars for the bird lovers.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Good zooming lens camera for photos.
  • Light clothes since sometimes it tends to be hot.
  • Longer clothes if you intend to visit religious places.
  • Little more cash incase you want to buy some Ugandan Souvenir.

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