Gorilla closeUp Lodge

Gorilla CloseUp lodge: is a mid-range lodge strategically located on southern sector of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park where you easily track Mountain Gorillas from Rushaga and Nkuringo Gate. Gorillas come very close to rooms and cottages and here you can get a very close range photo shot of the rare mountain gorillas. The lodge is ecologically build in harmony with nature and was built in the memory of Dr. Diana Fossey for her great work researching on mountain Gorillas and also Dr. George Schaller the author of mountain Gorilla Kingdom book and the first researcher on mountain Gorillas in 1959 when he first visited Bwindi.


The lodge has got 6 different types of cottages and rooms each with a unique design and setup and pricing. They serve English breakfast, 3 course meals, packed lunches, complementary tea and organic coffee in rooms, free room service and free wifi internet.

Diana Fossey Cottage

This lodge was named after Diana Fossey who did a lot of Research on rare mountain Gorillas. During her research on Mountain Gorillas, she would come and camp exactly where that cottage is built. The sun raises from this cottage, it is a spot you shouldn’t miss to have the photo from even if you are not sleeping in this cottage.

George Schaller Cottage

This is a luxury cottage that was built in honour of Dr.George schaller who visited Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park in 1959 and immediately started research on mountain Gorillas. Stay in this cottage to enjoy all his publications on mountain Gorillas.

Jungle Luxury Family Cottage

This is a real family cottage with 3 spacious rooms connected together each room with 2 big beds and you can as well add a third bed if you wanted. It is in the middle of the jungle with a specious Verandah where you can decide to hold meeting for about 20 people. The cottage veranda has all sorts of sounds of nature from birds to chimpanzees. On a Lucky day you can spot mountain gorillas feeding on a close range. Being surrounded by virgin shrubs and trees you spot alot of endermic albertine and rain forest bird species.

Royal Crafted Cottage

This is a 4 in one cottage that is handcrafted that it has 4 rooms each with Double King beds/Twin each room with a porch of 2 people. Sounds of nature during the day and night is what you cannot afford to miss. It also has compound relaxing gardens all overlooking the forest.

Rafiki Crafted Rooms

It was named Rafiki because one of the gorillas called Rafiki from nkuringo gorilla group was sighted several times feeding on the very spot where the rooms are located. This has 4 rooms each self-contained with unobstructed views of the forest with an immediate organic garden which works as our source of organic food. Each room has a balcony for 2 people where you can sit and watch the forest, Birds, Mist and many more.

Silverback Luxury Cottage

This double/twin occupancy cottage was called Silverback because by the fact that the lodge shares the boundary with the park and have conserved all the trees and shrubs which mountain Gorillas like eating like myrica and eucalyptus, the Bahati silverback from nkuringo family as on many occasions been sported from this spot after feeding on myrica, fan terminals and also backs of eucalyptus trees. This is a round cottage reflecting African traditional housing with spacious windows where you see through the window overlooking forest views and enjoy a lot of sounds of nature. All researchers, honeymoon couples can as well enjoy romantic bush dinners and lunches around this vargin jungle surrounding the cottage.

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