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The gorgeous Golden Monkey

The gorgeous Golden Monkey :This monkey (cercopithecus mitis kandti) also known as the Sichuan Snub-nosed Monkey and is one of Uganda’s 20 primate species. Compared with other monkey species, the golden monkeys are gorgeous in appearance; they have bright colored fur with golden-orange patch on the upper flanks and back.


It lives in social groups of up to 60 individuals and moves in between areas depending on the season. During the season where ripe fruit is available, they remain in those areas. With the beginning of the rainy season, bamboo is shooting and the golden monkeys move to such habitats. Results of studies indicate that if there is an area consisting of mixed fruit and bamboo, the golden monkeys tend to frequent that area consisting of only bamboo.


The monkeys often sleep in small subgroups of four, at the top of bamboo plants. They will often use a dense bamboo plant, or a combination of several bamboo plants that weave together to make a sufficient foundation for sleep. The Golden monkey will often feed near the sleeping area and return to this same sleeping location day after day.


During seasons where ripe fruit is available, the golden monkey tends to feed more on fruit. The golden monkey may also feed on various flowers and shrubs when they are available. Bamboo tends to be the most frequently eaten because it is often more available year-round.

Mating and Parenting

Female Golden Monkeys mature at about 4-5 years and produce one offspring after around 7-8 gestation months. Golden Monkeys have a life span similar to its relatives 20-25years.


Golden monkey tracking is not as exhausting as gorilla tracking because the monkeys do not build new nests everyday so there is no need for pre-trackers to trace them every morning.


They are found in the four national parks i.e Mgahinga National Park in the south-west Uganda, Volcanoes in the north-west Rwanda and Virunga National Park in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

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