How travel and Uganda safaris will be after the corona virus pandemic

How travel and Uganda safaris will be after the corona virus pandemic

How travel and Uganda safaris will be after the corona virus pandemic : Travel and Uganda safaris have been ranked on the world tourism map as some of the most interesting safari vacations in Africa and, perhaps the entire world at large. Fact still stands, that a lot of travelers for the recent period of time, have booked and enjoyed a lot of Uganda safaris and holidays, of which mountain gorilla trekking has and is still the most booked safari package in Uganda. other travelers have booked the wildlife safaris to different national parks with in the pearl of Africa; Uganda over 10 major national parks and 12 game reserves, sanctuaries and other wildlife centers scattered all through the different parts of Uganda. Other leisure travelers have booked and enjoyed the city tours to the tourist towns of the pearl of Africa, such as Jinja for the adrenaline safari tours and excursions such as bungee jumping, white water rafting, kayaking among others, Entebbe town for cycling and boat cruises, and Kampala for the city life and night city life in Uganda among others. Truth is, Uganda is ranked among the best safari destinations in Africa, with a lot of items you can include on your travel bucket list in order to have the best time in the pearl of Africa.

For the corona virus pandemic, Uganda is one of the countries that stayed safe from the slaying virus, for some time. However, just as soon as the people had found out the safe haven in Uganda, the pearl of Africa, also got hit by the corona virus and a few cases have been surfacing on the corona virus update websites about Uganda, and currently, the number, though still lower, it is rising. This is where the concern arises from about the future of travel and safaris during the corona virus pandemic era, which is not even known, when it is going to stop. As for travelling for now,  seems very much impossible as most of the countries have closed down all  activities on the major entry points like airports, board check points, ports among others, so is Uganda. Even though it came in later, Uganda also locked down all the entry points to the country in order to curb the increasing number of firmed positive cases of the corona virus in the country, which is now clicking to 44 sick cases.

As for all the safaris that were booked during this time, where cancelled and or postponed to the future date with in the projected three months’ time, until the corona virus pandemic passes away. For the travelers that where in Uganda when the outbreak happened, are just still in their hotel rooms resting, as no movements are allowed in Uganda. First it started with the public transport, but now, no vehicle is allowed to transport travelers in Uganda. This is all done to engulf the corona virus from spreading to the other parts of the country like the rural areas among others.

However, I can still say that hope can be felt as earlier this week, the infectious COVID 19 disease seemed to be slowing down and a hope of a cure being seen , basing on the current circulating medical information. Despite, the virus has showed great impact on the tourism of Uganda and the entire world as all the major tourist origin countries, closed down any kind of transport,  alarmed woe to the travel and leisure sector of the country, so is the economy at large, since tourism has been the biggest foreign, exchange earner over a time.

As a number of trips have been cancelled, not only for Uganda, but the entire world’s tourism industry, also the travelers show signs of fear and are scared to travel for these months and others project the situation to be at least okay by next year. For the reason, tourism might really be down for the rest of this year and sometime next year.  However, Forbes magazine has put light on the projection of travel after the corona virus pandemic situation, which is not known, as below;

  • International travel might be really for the adventurous ones, however, people will love to stay within their countries, closer to the safety homes and families. However, the Uganda safaris will all be as good as ever and if at all this gets done, just carry on your travel to the pearl of Africa.
  • An imaginary projection shows that, the people will prefer the road trips to flights and cruises to different countries in the world for tourism safaris.
  • Also the travelers might not want to stay in the destinations for more time, meaning the travel or safari durations might really become short, and for Africa, might lose a lot of travelers from Europe and other parts of the country.
  • However, most of the traveler destinations are believed to bounce back with strong strategies to recover from the corona virus period, according to Forbes magazine’s interview with Wayne smith the chairman of the department of hospitality and tourism management at the college of Charleston.

Despite, with strong belief, this is going to come to an end, and Uganda will be open for more safari travelers, with very interesting packages as part of the recovery strategy of the tour companies in the country. Therefore, if you have ever wished to travel to Uganda, you can just take some time, for now, and look into the different safari websites of Uganda tour operators, read some information about the Uganda tourism industry, so that, by the time this ends, you will be ready to make your dream come true, travelling to the pearl of Africa. But for now, you can stay home and be safe during this trying time of corona virus. Otherwise, we are looking forward to receiving you again after all this is over, until we meet.

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