Mountain Moroto in Uganda

Mountain Moroto in Uganda

Mountain Moroto in Uganda : is the highest mountain in the Karamoja region and adjacent to the town of Moroto in Moroto district, Karamoja, Northern Uganda and located against the border of Kenya’s Turkana region. The native name for this mountain was “Moru-To” meaning the western mountain and it was named due to the migratory movements of the natives westward. The region of Mount Moroto is a forest reserve protecting a range of habitats from arid thorn savanna to dry montane forest. The mountain is also a home to wildlife though not plentiful such as potos, monkeys, the spectacular golden cats and over 220 bird species. Although a long hike is needed to reach the higher areas, excellent arid thorn savanna and rocky slopes are accessible from the town at the foot of the mountain. Mount Moroto with its twin peaks; Sogolomon and Sokodek rises 3‚082 metres out of the plains of Karamoja, home to the Karamojongs. The highest peak of Mount Moroto is “Sokodek” though most people think that “Imagit” peak is the highest because it’s famously climbed. The Imagit peak is reachable in one day of hiking and descending will take you only half a day.

What to do on Mount Moroto

Farming and Irrigation

The natural springs on the slopes of the mountain coalesce to form springs and small rivers. The “World Food Program is teaching the Karamojong people how to harvest and store that water and use it to irrigate agricultural produce for household, food and for income generation.


It’s a mixture of encounters with the Uganda’s highland people, breath taking views and unique sights along the trails. You will also come across unique campsites where you can enjoy the sunset, the stars and sunrise over the planes of Karamoja. The hiking activity is done with an experienced local guide.

Bike tours

Discover Uganda’s untamed Northeast on Karamoja bicycle tours while following the cattle paths of the nomadic warriors and learn about the pastoral culture, cycle over community trails through villages and interact with indigenous communities. You can also ride over abandoned colonial roads through Uganda’s true wilderness and enjoy the views of the fast wilderness. A bicycle tour through the Karamoja land is the best way to immerse yourself.

History tour

Learn about the history of Karamoja with a visit to the Karamoja museum which is free of charge to tour and a recently discovered “Rock Art Site” which stands out of the landscape. The Art Site is only accessible in dry season that is from October to April.


This activity is done in Mount Moroto Central Forest Reserve and you will sight a number of bird species such as tiny cisticola, red-fronted tinkerbird, crested francolin, red-eyed dove, ring-necked dove, hornbills, African pygmy-kingfisher, green wood hoope, white-browned coucal, diderlic cuckoo, augur buzzard, little rock-thrush, red-backed scrub-robin, ox peckers, barn swallow, sunbirds, Cabaniss’s buntiny, eastern paradise among others.

Cultural experience

This is not a sightseeing tour but a participatory experience which is about sharing the rich cultural heritage of the Karamojong by participating in various activities such as preparing local foods, singing and dancing on folklore, making Karamojong accessories and listening to the stories of the elders. 

How to get there

Mountain Moroto can be accessed from Mbale either via Soroti approximately 6 hours (170 kilometers) or via the direct eastern route approximately 7 hours (230 kilometers).

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