Sectors in Murchison Falls National Park

Sectors in Murchison Falls National Park

Sectors in Murchison Falls National Park : The park consists of many gates which are situated in the different sections of the park which helps you to access the park using different routes and different regions. Murchison falls National Park has the most magnificent attraction and that is the spectacular Murchison falls. Different activities can be enjoyed in the park such as launch cruise to the bottom of the falls, hiking to the top of the falls, game drives, hot air balloon, bird watching and sport fishing.  Murchison falls is more magnificent coz it creates a trade mark rainbow and thunderous sounds as it makes its way through hard rocks to form a waterfall.

Northern sector entrance

Chobe gate:

Is situated near pakwach 2kilometers north at karuma bridge and it is accessed from both parara and karuma.

Wankar gate:

Situated 10 kilometers off the main road near purongo sector.

Tangi gate:

Situated 110 kilometers from Kara bridge, this gate is accessed through Para region.

Mubako gate:

Accessed crossing the Nile River using Karuma falls bridge which is reached using kio-pakwach road.

Southern sector

Kichumbanyobo gate:

Accessed by a route in kaniyo pabidi forest through Masindi town. This forest is situated in the south region of Murchison fall National Park and the gate is situated 85 kilometers from Masindi town.

Bugungu gate:

Situated 135 kilometers from Masindi the largest town near the park, getting to bugungu gate is a longer route as it passes through Budongo forest and on this route you also get spectacular views of Congo Mountain, rift valley and shores of Lake Albert.

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