What to pack on your African safari

What to pack on your African safari

What to pack on your African safari : Some times tourists get confused on what to pack when heading for their safaris most especially if visiting a Country for the first time.  Below are a few of our tips that can help you prepare for your African safari.

1.Passport, itinerary, travel insurance docs and tickets

These must be the first items in your bag and must be on top of your list before you pack anything.

2. Medicines

Remember to carry enough of the prescribed medicines that will last until you return back from your safari. Do not pack your medicines along with your clothes in the check-in bag; keep it in your handbag where it is easily accessible. Also it is highly recommended to carry mosquito repellents, as there could be mosquitoes and bugs if you are staying in a tent.

3. Camera, video and binoculars, flashlight

Africa is a photographer’s dream. Not only does the boundless wildlife come in all shapes and sizes, but the continent is also blessed with stunning landscapes, colorful people and fabulous light. Carry your binoculars; it is an essential device for a safari. Some of the animals would be hiding behind a tree or a bush or maybe they are at a distance. If you want to spot the animals in the distance or if you want to watch them closer than they are, binoculars are your best bet. Carry a flashlight rechargeable torch as it can be pitch dark. Led lights are also preferred especially the one that you can fit in your head, they are really handy and convenient to use.

4. Sunglasses, Sunblock and Lip balm

If you wear prescription glasses, be sure to pack more than one set (in case you lose one or they get broken). Carry sunblock and lip balm because there would be times when it is difficult to find a bathroom during the safari.

5. Phone, music and laptop

The following should not be missed out on your safari; your phone, music and laptop – and their respective chargers, country- specific adaptor plugs.

6. Clothes and toiletries

Since you will be outdoors much of the time and you may have to resort to bush as you may be away from you camp or lodge, include hand sanitizer, baby wipes, wet wipes and even toilet paper. Carry light weight jackets and clothing, it is advisable to carry full sleeves shirts and long trousers. You can roll up your sleeves according to the weather and roll it down when the weather is cooler. Since bright colors tend to scare off some animals while on tour, you are advised to choose clothes with colors like green, brown, khakis and mostly those that are earthy or neutral tones. Be sure you take clothes that you feel comfortable in especially when it comes to your walking/ hiking boots.

7. Journal, a book and music

A travel diary or journal is something we recommended. You will see and experience so much in such a short period of time on safari, that the only way to maintain a good record of it will be to write it down. Write down the animals or birds you see in a day, write about the weather, did you make friends and did you see any different or unusual wildlife. Record the whole experience in the journal.

A book/ novel; It never hurts to have an interesting book when travelling. You never know when you are going to be delayed at the airport or fall victim to African time! You can always indulge in your book. It is a good way to spend time when you are in your tent. Those who are not into books, music may be a choice of spending time. Remember to carry your iPods or music devices to avoid getting bored while you are waiting at the Airport due to delayed flight or waiting for the safari vehicle.

8. Hand luggage and other essentials

If you are a photographer, then this will mean you must have sufficient space in your camera bag for travel documents, your prescription medication and/ or glasses, binoculars and even a change of clothes. Avoid using expensive bags or handbags on a safari. Also, leave your expensive watches and jewelry at home. Avoid them on a safari. Take only those everyday times that you normally wear, like your wedding band, inexpensive earrings.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to figure out what you need to pack for your safari. If you need more information or what to go ahead and embark on a safari adventure, contact us.

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